Every moment an opportunity.

We create systems of opportunities for brands people love.

Together with our clients we establish what's next in customer loyalty.

iLoy creates next-generation platform technology for loyalty, crm and payment systems using rule-based methodologies and AI/predictive analytics.

Our solutions are built on game-changing technology which we apply in a meaningful way. The approach is primarily driven by rule-based technology yet human-centric, by design. Across industries, sectors and markets, we empower brands to provide a new level of User Experience leading to more valuable business results.

In a next step, data insights and AI supported predictive analytics will be embedded into our core product.


«For us at iLoy, partnering is a matter of attitude.»

Tony Weber, Member of the Board, CSO, iLoy Group

Tony Weber
Member of the Board
iLoy Group


There are many players who are just happy with the way things are: The loyalty program is in place, the omni-channel marketing technology is doing its thing, so why bother? We won't ask them to change. The companies and brands we partner with are those who want more for their customers - beyond selling stuff. They appreciate their customers for who they are, not what they are and understand the value AI and predictive-analytics can add to the relation with them. With those brands we pave the way forward. Our goal is a mutual win and the technology is ready, tested and proven to support it. It's time we use it.


Human-centric by design

Human-centric by design

Powerful technology is pledged to talents and responsibility: We are not just "another" supplier. Expect us to think and act as if we were in your place in your market(s), servicing your customers - with a profound understanding of what is required and what are the right options to choose from.




The most wanted.

The most wanted.

iLoy is looking for good people with smart brains, who want to put their highly-skilled talents into purpose and pay.